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Ropelli 'keep it short & simple'

With more than 20 years of experience in the leather trade, Ropelli Leathers is the ideal partner for purchasing leather. Robert de Graaff, Ropelli Leathers founder, has been actively involved in the furniture industry for more than twenty-five years. He has been working in the leather trade since 1992 and has worked for leading tanneries and wholesalers. Thanks to this experience, he has gained valuable knowledge about the production and application of leather, particularly leather used for furniture upholstery.

In Ropelli Leathers, you will have a reliable, established and reputable partner for the global sourcing of leather. Ropelli Leathers would be delighted to collaborate with you in purchasing existing leather grades and in the development of new lines and colours.

Thanks to our large collection of leather types, we offer a distinctly broad range. We can also source more than 500 colours and grades from goods in stock.

Ropelli Leathers, the gateway to your ideal leather collection.